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frequently asked



Q: “I'm not sure if I should get airbrush or traditional foundation,

what do you recommend?”

A: While airbrush is my favorite method of application and

formulation, I don't necessarily recommend it for everyone. More

mature skin, as well as dryer skin will most likely benefit from a more

hydrating traditional foundation. This is definitely something that would

be determined at your bridal trial. If your bridesmaids are unsure, we

can decide what would best suit their needs at the time of service.

Mothers and bridal party members are always welcome to do a trial

run as well if that helps!

Q: “I’m tan now, but will probably be much lighter on my wedding day. Is the makeup going to match me?” 

A: In my makeup kit I have a wide range of shades for foundation and concealer. I will always match your face to your neck/body so that your face is not lighter or darker than your body, but is the perfect match! If you are tan on your trial date, but fair on your wedding date -that’s okay! I will assess your skin tone the day of and match it!



Q: “On my wedding day I think my bridesmaids might change their mind on if they want airbrush or traditional makeup, and I think they might want to add lashes. Is that okay?”

A: Absolutely, if your bridesmaids decide they want to upgrade on your wedding day, that is totally fine! They can pay the difference at the time services are rendered. 



Q: “When should I schedule my trial?”

A: I recommend scheduling the trial 3-4 months before the wedding. By that time you will have already put a lot of thought into what look you want to go for! I suggest going on Pinterest and looking up makeup looks! It is helpful to bring an inspiration photo!



Q: “When should I book you for wedding day services?”

A: Since I primarily do weddings, my wedding season books up quick. A lot of brides book anywhere from 6-12 months in advance. You definitely want to reserve your wedding day as soon as you can by submitting the completed contract and 25% deposit. You are planning a wedding, so you have a lot of things on your mind. As many brides will tell you, your wedding day might seem far away but it will be here like THAT! So don’t put off booking because you think you have so much time, because time flies! 



Q: “How long have you been doing makeup? How did you get started?”

A: I started doing makeup professionally in early 2012. Growing up, I always loved getting into makeup. I would watch my older sisters do their makeup and thought it was so fun and fascinating. I would do my friends makeup for cheerleading competitions, school dances, special occasions. It didn’t take long to realize that I love doing it, and that I am good at it! I turned my hobby into my profession, and I couldn’t be happier!​​


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